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Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are a fantastic modern looking flooring solution that combines the natural look of stone with a durable high-gloss flawless finish that oozes class. They can add beauty to any room, whether in the home or the workplace. At MPA Resin Solutions, for many years we have been installing and finishing polished concrete floors to an exceptional standard across businesses and homes in Oxford, Newbury, Reading, Northampton and Milton Keynes.

How We Achieve A Quality Finish

We install a concrete slab that will be fully cured before its surface is diamond cut and honed. The polishing begins around twenty-eight days after installation, allowing the concrete time to cure properly. The polishing process seals the natural stone and aggregates of the concrete left exposed by the diamond cut, to leave a stunning and lasting shine.

The Benefits

The most obvious benefit to a polished concrete floor is the aesthetic appeal that it holds, but they also have practical benefits. It is a highly durable flooring method that can last for decades and withstand large amounts of foot traffic without losing any of its shine or being damaged. It is easy to clean and maintain by using microfibre cloths or clean water when mopping.

Why Choose MPA Resin Solutions?

When it comes to installing polished concrete floors, we are the experts. Using our experience and knowledge, we can use different sizes and colours of aggregate to create a stylish and unique floor that suits your needs. Our skill and efficiency always delivers a quality finish and minimises any disruption to you.
If you live or work in the Oxford, Newbury, Reading, Northampton and Milton Keynes area, and would like to discuss how a polished concrete floor can transform your property, call us today.