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Power Floating

Power Floating

Power Floating is an efficient and less labour intensive method of delivering a smooth and high-quality polished finish to the concrete. It can be fine-tuned for a rustic, modern or industrial appearance and is a widely used flooring solution in many homes and businesses in Oxford, Newbury, Reading, Northampton and Milton Keynes.

How It Works

Our power floating procedure is carried out on the same day that the concrete slab is put in place. After we install the slab, the concrete is levelled and allowed to set partially. During the curing process, we use the power float to smooth the concrete, trimming any high spots and filling any gaps that are present. Once smooth, we polish the surface to deliver finished look that will last for decades.

The Benefits

The main benefit of power floating is the speed and efficiency with which the desired look can be achieved. In the space of a day, any home or business can be transformed by a stunning concrete floor. In addition to being quick to install, power float concrete is simple to maintain, resistant to cracking and highly durable; making it ideal for domestic, industrial or commercial settings.

Why Choose MPA Resin Solutions?

We have highly skilled operators who have carried out many power float concrete floor installations. Due to their vast experience, they can deliver quality jobs with the least amount of disruption to you.
We provide a hassle-free, reliable service that guarantees excellent customer service every time. If you are interested in seeing what power floating can do for your property and you live in Oxford, Newbury, Reading, Northampton and Milton Keynes area, call our friendly sales team today for a free quote.