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The advantages of antimicrobial resin flooring

The advantages of antimicrobial resin flooring

If you’ve ever been in a veterinary clinic in Northampton or Reading, you will have probably noticed the impossibly smooth yet robust flooring they use. Antimicrobial resin floors are the leading solution for industries that demand impeccable hygiene and cleanliness standards. They have been in use for decades and are proven to work. Below we’ll explore the advantages of antimicrobial resin flooring and who uses it.

Food, beverages and pharmaceuticals

Industries in Northampton and Reading that work with food require a flooring solution such as durable and chemical and stain-resistant resin. Professional and industrial kitchens, food processing and drinks manufacturers work with ingredients containing chemicals that can damage less specialist flooring should they come into frequent contact. Pharmaceutical and healthcare settings also benefit from this antimicrobial flooring due to its ease of maintenance and cleaning.

The advantages of antimicrobial resin floors

The antimicrobial polyurethane resin floors we install are long-lasting, sturdy and attractive. With the addition of a silver salt, Polygiene, Flowfresh MF develops an extraordinary chemical resistance that makes it the choice for global brands in the food and pharmaceutical industries. With a resin floor, there are very few joints which allow for deep cleaning, especially in the space between the floor and wall, ensuring cleanliness is maintained.

Choosing the right company for resin floor installation

Installing resin floors requires experience and a professional eye. At MPA Resin Solutions, we can deliver bespoke flooring at competitive pricing and always of the very highest quality. If you own a commercial property in Northampton or Reading and would like a free quotation for antimicrobial resin flooring get in touch with our sales team.