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Why a resin floor is best for warehouses

Why a resin floor is best for warehouses

The traditional method of pouring concrete to create large-scale warehouse floors is still acceptable, but they are inclined to crack and have damp issues that can lead to mould developing. Epoxy resin flooring for warehouses in Milton Keynes and Newbury offers a durable, versatile and low-maintenance way of keeping warehouse traffic flowing and people safe.

Floor markings that won’t fade

In warehouses, health and safety laws ordain specific flooring markings such as pedestrian walkways and zebra crossings to ensure that workers remain safe. With traditional concrete flooring, paint can fade over time, but with resin floors, we incorporate the colours and markings into the resin, so they stay visible for longer. The floors we install are of sufficient smoothness to enable forklift trucks to operate effortlessly and safely. If needed, we can combine a quartz aggregate into the resin to create an anti-slip surface.

Resistant to just about anything

The most impressive feature of the warehouse resin floors we lay around Milton Keynes and Newbury is the resistance to the many different elements, liquids and chemicals they possess. Oil or chemical spills can be challenging to deal with, but they won’t cause any damage to a resin floor. The durability of the material allows for extensive and prolonged use of machinery and storage systems without undermining or cracking the base. Due to its longevity, easy maintenance and resistance to most chemicals, liquids and tremendous heat, epoxy resin is a cost-effective and practical flooring solution. If you would like a free quotation and guidance on the best way forward for your warehouse, contact the MPA sales team.